Marketing 101: CWC Session IV


Author Highlight: Lindsay Currie

This CWC Recap goes over the best ways to personally market your book once it’s out or on the way. All of the following insights were gained by Lindsay Currie during the publishing process for her book Sweet Madness, a young adult novel about the infamous Lizzie Borden.

What Affects Your Book Sales?

  • Trade Reviews. Nothing hurts you more than a slew of 1-star reviews.
  • Existing Readership. If you already have a readership from a strong media presence or from a series, the sales of your book will be stronger.
  • Your Publisher’s Marketing. Some publishers provide some sort of marketing campaign for you.
  • Your Personal Marketing. See below!

What Are Characteristics of Good Grassroots Marketing? When you plan out your marketing campaign, make sure everything you do falls under all four of these categories:

  • Non-Repetitive.
  • Convenient. 
  • Targeted. Know your audience, find them, and reach them where they are. Develop a strong presence on the social media they favor.
  • Cost-Efficient. For physical materials, consider shipping cost. For campaigns, consider the time cost as well as the monetary (you could be writing the sequel).

What Makes for Good “Book Swag”? When giving out free stuff, consider these awesome options – and remember, you have to ship it. Shipping cost is a thing.

  • Bookmarks & Postcards. Hire a professional to make the art if you don’t have the skill yourself. Sites like Fiverr and 99Designs can help you find a good artist for cheap.
  • Wristbands. You can find them on sites like this one, but always search for coupons first! Add a cool tagline and your title – but not dates! You want it to be relevant forever.
  • Buttons. You can even hook them into postcards!
  • Credit Card Style Flash Drives. (Like these.) You can load exclusive content directly onto these – and the recipient can always use them later on for data storage. Don’t forget to add a label!
  • Cell Phone Wallets. (Like these.) I used to work for a custom-printing company, and for our personal promotional products, these were the #1 favorite.
  • Mini-Book. These are miniature books bearing exclusive content. Everyone loves them… but you will have to use them efficiently to make their value stretch.

In the next post, we will get into actual marketing campaigns. But before we get there, here are a few closing thoughts on marketing:

Marketing Does Not End After the Event. Stay honest, hopeful, and passionate in order to keep yourself going.

Accessibility Sells Books! Being available, and being (OMG!!!) a real person, is better advertising than anything.

Don’t Charge for Local Visits. In fact, pitch local visits via e-mail. If an establishment is interested, they’ll reply back – easy peasy.

Hire an Intern. You can apply with your local or past college for an intern to post to social media for you. You’ll get tons of resumes, but choose your intern very carefully.

Session I Missed: To see this session, I had to miss the Residencies, Contests, & Grants session. If you went to that session, consider doing a simultaneous or guest blog to correspond with my CWC Recap!

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