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I’m an internationally award-winning science fiction and fantasy writer. Several years ago, I made the big jump: I quit the day job to build my own business as a developmental editor. While it did go well, my life changed when I won the Writers of the Future contest. There, after learning from such greats as Tim Powers, Orson Scott Card, and David Farland, I realized that the dream of making a living off my writing was closer than ever. And so I’ve turned my focus to knocking out a few good books a year, and improving and pitching until an agent “discovers” me.I feel so behind, but I’m determined. If you never stop, eventually you will get where you’re going!


This is the main stuff I’ve achieved thus far in life, and it’s only the beginning….


I’m a Writers of the Future winner! My story “Are You the Life if the Party?” won third place in the third quarter of 2018’s Writers of the Future Contest. If you’re a fantasy or science fiction writer who hasn’t heard of this, you need to start submitting! This contest presented the opportunity of a lifetime, earning me a free week in Hollywood, a walk down the red carpet, and a coveted spot on a 12-person workshop where I got to learn directly from Orson Scott Card, Tim Powers, and David Farland. My life has truly changed because of this contest. Check out a list of past winners’ work here.


I once spent two weeks living without running water, electricity, or English-speaking housemates (Puedo usar tu baño?). I’ve forged signatures since age eight for my blind single mother. I have been the youngest child, oldest child, only child, step-sibling, half-sibling, and stand-in dad. In Michigan, we have good beer.

I’m also the proud author of saga fantasy with a slew of sub-genres from epic to gaslight to animal to LGBTQ. I founded a writer’s group and used it to spiff up my short story game and get published multiple times in 2018 (back to focusing on the novels, now). I once interned for Speilburg Literary. I quit my day job to make my own living and am perpetually, joyously terrified.



I have the same rare Myers Briggs personality type as Hermione Granger (too adventure-prone for Ravenclaw). The Wizard’s First Rule (“people are stupid”) helped me survive the food-service industry. My favorite book is The Alchemist, and I know what an alethiometer is.


I play Magic the Gathering with a five-color casual dragon wall deck. I don’t compete in tournaments because 1) I take Magic losses as personally as my 16-year-old ski-and-bike-champion cousin takes putt-putt golf losses and 2) I play a five-color casual dragon wall deck.


I’ve cosplayed as Lightning and Asuna (Kurisu Makise is next). My biggest crushes are Spike, Fiero, and Hououin Kyouma (followed closely by Harrison Ford). We celebrate White Day, not Sweetest Day. Eel sushi and Domino’s pizza are tied for my favorite food.


My cat Teleport teleports. My cat Booker needs this. My foster kitten Diggersby though.



I will school you in Mario Kart 64. I will argue that Final Fantasy X is the best game of all time. I will die repeatedly as Kirby in Super Smash Brothers. I will beat Jak and Daxter in one day for no reason. Paladins currently has me juggernauting as a hell demon or healing with a divine fox. There is no in-between.


I created a Pokémon Trivia Game complete with Kanto region game board; more than 200 cards; and clay Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Eevee, and gym badge pieces. My perfect team is Glaceon, Ivysaur, Lugia, Suicune, Jolteon, and Arcanine.



It’s not fair. It’s not. I guess The Expanse will just have to satisfy me…. (I love you Amos, you weirdo).


Have a favorite thing? A literal favorite thing? Ever? Of all time? Guess mine.


I would literally not exist if not for Coors Light, but my devotion ends with that bar story, because craft beer is better. I homebrew and name the best ones after Magic the Gathering cards (Dark Ritual, Nature’s Spiral, and Cruel Ultimatum are the house beers right now). Give me a good fruity beer or  vouvray, and you’ll make a new best friend.


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