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To keep the crew of the Caduceus healthy during their three-year trip to Mercury, a virtual reality game was installed aboard the ship. The best player in that game is Laurence North, a young programmer who uses the fantasy game to make extra money to help his struggling brother back on Earth. Despite the accusations of his shipmates, however, Laurence has never cheated… until the one day he runs just the tiniest hack. But this hack leads him to discover the avatar of a little girl who went missing just before his ship launched… and she’s trapped inside the game world’s biggest boss.


THE SINGULARITY (Awaiting Revisions.)


Fier and his scientist mother, Ni, are jinns–one of the illusionist people of the gravity-inverting world of Firdaz. But because they are the lowest caste, Fier’s brilliant mother had no choice but to enter stasis in service to her government, in order to propel her family up the social ladder and get a chance to share her discoveries with the world. But when her release came around nine years later, she chose to remain in stasis eternally, taking the easy way out. Left betrayed, bereaved, and nihilistic, sixteen-year-old Fier is now the only one who knows the ancient language his mother uncovered… and he couldn’t care less about trying to share it–or put any effort into anything at all.

But when Fier turns seventeen, a traditional coming-of-age test goes horribly wrong, and he ends up driving his tester mad with a mystery ability he didn’t know he had. Since his tester was one of the seven archon who ruled Firdaz, Fier is now required to take her place, going from the lowest caste to the highest in the blink of an eye. But being all-powerful is worthless to someone so jaded, and he wants nothing more than to burn the world down around him… which was apparently what his ancestor Azazel thought too, because it turns out the archon are very concerned about a world-ending bomb Azazel secreted away seventeen years ago–the very event that made Fier’s family fall from grace to begin with. With his sister and stepfather threatened by the archon, Fier grudgingly tries to find the bomb that will save a world he could care less about… and it turns out that all the things his mother learned might prove useful, both in finding the bomb and in finding out what in the heavens Fier really is. But between spying on the empress of another world and getting roped into a rebellion by a beautiful girl, Fier’s life of spiteful ease turns to one with more stakes than he knows what to do with–and one wrong choice could take away every last thing he has left.



In the sunless, pitted world of Naraka, a strange plague threatens to turn every woman alive into a mindless killer. To maintain stability, three Narakan kingdoms make a pact: their three heiresses will be cryogenically frozen, in the hope of a future cure.

But when the super-spy Nso, the hyperactive Rhafte, and the scholarly Ostholygh wake up, they find the world in anarchy, and bounties on their heads.

Joining forces with a prince and a traveling artificer, they work to uncover the otherworldly truth behind Naraka’s fall. And when they are offered sanctuary by a coalition of men who believe their wombs are the key to salvation, the offer seems logical to the pragmatic Ostholygh and the preconditioned Rhafte. But rather than a last-ditch attempt to save humanity, Nso sees a world that has given up. And giving up, to Nso, has never been an option.

THE GODDESS CANDIDATE (Requested 7 Times, Shelved)


The day eleven Signposts fell out of the sky, Devon’s main concern was hiding makeup from her father. But when one of these otherworldly objects appears outside her high school, Devon is one of the first ones to read the words that surround it:

Walk through fire
and become God.

And while Devon is determined NOT to go anywhere near the flaming Sign, her friend Corey – and half the modern world – thinks it’s worth severe burns to have a chance to be God. Even worse, her religious father sees the flame-protected Sign as an opportunity to prove his faith… and his devotion could be the one thing that burns Devon’s world to the ground.



A life lived for others… or a life lived for lies?

K-1 is one of only twelve survivors of the night-sickness, a plague which has left her undeveloped and hairless. Rejected by society, K-1 has lived her entire life waiting on upper-class masters, trading samples of her blood for medicine that keeps her alive . She always believed her blood would help find a cure… until the day she hears the voice in her head.

The voice belongs to a prisoner of her masters – and when he suggests that her altruistic life may not be what it seems, K-1 must choose between her medicine and her freedom. But K-1’s keepers are watchful, and in stepping outside the lines, she attracts the attention of a blood-loving tyrant and the killing force that is pulling his strings….


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    1. Hello! Thank you for the compliment! At this time IWTYT is not published. It is currently seeking representation for traditional publication, although I may try for indie publishing if I can’t make any progress in 2016. Props to you for self-publishing and for your recent award for AZARIA, that definitely takes work!

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