2017 Post Schedule!

Hi readers! Just a quick note about the blog for this year. I plan to post weekly on Wednesday mornings around 9-10am EST from here on in (this post, being late, happened in the evening). If I miss a Wednesday, then I won’t be back until next Wednesday – it’s Wednesday or bust!

I’ve heard that a consistent blog is a good way to show the world you’re serious about writing, so I’m going to try and put in the effort this year. That said, I’ve noticed my main reasons for not posting in the past: image searching and post length. So this year, my posts are going to be a bit different:

  1. I’m going to post one image. Searching for free images has been time consuming. So from now on, I’m going to select one image for my posts – some of them direct from my own life. That way, you can learn about me as a person!
  2. I’m going to post fewer words. Short snippets about writing or life: that’s my goal. How to get better in small ways, or bits and pieces of my own adventures. With less pictures, I feel less words will be necessary, too!

I’ll also be posting short stories now and then, and other fun stuff. My goal is to keep things short and sweet. Please comment below about anything you want to see me post about!

My one picture of the day:

These are sitting next to my computer right now. I just LOVE poinsettia plants… they remind me of Christmas at my dad’s house growing up. Got this baby for $1 after the year changed. I’m so dang frugal!

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