A Transgender Interview: on Everyday Life

Please welcome Natalie and Milo back for another installment of my transgender interview blog series! Even in today’s supposedly progressive world, transgenders are still rigorously denied all sorts of basic human rights. Here’s a fun and informative video that goes into transgender rights, and for anyone who doesn’t know already, here’s the definition of  a Transgender person:

A person whose gender identity does not correspond with that person’s biological gender assigned at birth.

On Everyday Life

If you haven’t “come out” to the world yet, why haven’t you? What do you think the worst and best case scenarios might be?

transgender interview

I have not been able to come out.  My family is very conservative, disowning my sister for three years just for having sex with her boyfriend in college.  For something like this I’d lose them forever.  I do have friends who know and a choice few family members, all of which are very accepting, but for the sake of others I’ll stay hidden for the time being.

Coming out is a process that never ends, you have to come out one person at a time. I’m not a celebrity! And after hearing from people that would kill trans people I’m kinda picky about who and under what circumstances I would come out to.

transgender interviewAre there any instances where you have seen transgender prejudice in action (for example, a verbal exchange) in a case where the people doing it did not know you were transgender?

All the time.  Especially with the bathroom debate.  I work part time in a customer service job where people mock using which bathroom a trans person might use.  I’m sorry I would feel more comfortable in a women’s room after my experiences, but I don’t press it. I stay quiet as it is my job to keep the, happy, which is exceedingly difficult especially when they are teasing an out trans person they see in our lobby.

I have heard people say they would shoot on sight, I have heard people call trans people “disgusting” and “abominations” but really?  What are you talking about? These people whom you call bad are not serial killers [to] fangirl over. They are not [inherently] bad people… Who are [you] to decide that gender is a death sentence?

What are your everyday habits that come from being transgender, i.e., what things do you do daily that a cisgender person might not?

transgender interviewNatalie
I wear two outfits.  I wear clothes that are more me under my clothes everyone see.  It’s easier in cool weather as I wear jackets everywhere so seeing lines underneath clothing is not a problem.  I could strip off my outer clothes and still be wearing an acceptable outfit if I were female.  On days where it is impossible for me to wear female clothes at all I avoid mirrors at all cost as it doesn’t feel normal to me and I won’t like what I see.

I shave my face, I pull on a binder if I know I’m safe, but otherwise I am pretty normal.

transgender interviewWhat is your ideal everyday routine, regarding being yourself? Where do you hope to one day be?

One day I hope to be out.  I fantasize daily about just saying I’m Natalie and being her in public, but I think it’d kill some of my family members.  I’m not interested in “shaming” them.  I don’t really have a daily routine, I mean I know I’m always Natalie, I can’t change that.

I hope I can go about without any fuss, and just be who I want to. Being scared is tiring.


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