Branding Yourself: CWC Session III (2)


Author Highlight: Laurie Scheer

This post will go over the other half of Laurie’s session, which goes over content. Writing a book doesn’t cut it anymore; now there are movie adaptations, YouTube channels, and god knows how many social media outlets to consider. Laurie shows us how to take our brand and get it out there in ways that people are looking for.

It’s All About Adapting. So you wrote a book. Great. Now translate that content into other formats… web, mobile, apps, television, social media, etc.

  1. The Three “Screens.” Laurie mentions three “screens” of watchable content: live theater (first screen), television (second screen), and now mobile (third screen). Ask yourself how your work can be integrated into these models – can it become a play? More so, can it become a TV series? Even more so, can it become mobile, to be consumed in a much smaller visual space?
  2. Apps. Speaking of mobile… can your work become an app? Can you give your content a use and build a downloadable app with it? This could be a game, a short-story engine, or anything else you can come up with. Sites like this one claim they can help you make an app for free.
  3. Over the Top Content. Let’s all just admit it – people are cheap, and we love the word “FREE.” That’s where OTT, or free content, comes in. While some people are fine with paying $0.99 for an app or a chapter or an eBook, most would prefer not paying at all. Learn to put your work out there in the form of OTT, and find the best ways to use OTT to generate more interest.
  4. Have a Facebook Page. Face it (teehee), a goodly pile of the population still uses the good old Book of Faces to see if someone or something is legit. I give Facebook props because it’s easier to manage than most other outlets, and because it’s far from dead. Have a presence here, even if you don’t use it often. Most social media sites don’t require you to log in every time you visit, so it’s not hard to maintain a presence in several at once.

In summary, to really stand out in today’s market, you want to create a brand, and then establish brand awareness by implementing a self-marketing campaign and by adapting your work to new content. The world is changing – run with it!

The next post will go over the Marketing 101 session presented by Lindsay Currie.

Session I Missed: To see this upcoming session, I had to miss the Residencies, Contests, and Grants, Oh My! session. If you attended that session, consider doing a simultaneous or guest blog to correspond with my CWC Recap!

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